And we call ourselves an advanced society. What a joke! We are being stroked and sliced like ingredients for a chopped salad. A deliciously diverse mixture that can never be reconstituted as any single whole thing ever again. Wake up, put your head back on your shoulders, and think. Open that last remaining unclogged, unspoken for, unadvertised to, incorruptible brain cell and realize what is happening.  

It’s about love, either you have it, or you don’t. Maybe you are filled up with it, or perhaps not. Could it be residing in a place where there should be love; instead, there is hate? Maybe ignorance takes the place of love? Possibly your ability to love was stolen from you by someone who didn’t know love. But know this, love is supposed to be there. The place where that hole is inside of you, that is where it belongs. But regardless of what created that hole inside of the seemingly bottomless pit of hateful and ignorant human beings slithering their way from beneath dark places, there are a few things that it was not.     

Being a Democrat is not one of them. Being a Republican is not one of them. Being a Teacher, a Father, a Farmer, a Police Officer, a Plumber, a Brick Mason; these things don’t get in the way of love? There is only one thing that can impede one’s ability to love, and that is hate. Hate birthed from ignorance or born out of pain. I hate, hate.  

But a Republican is not hateful. A Democrat is not hateful. A Police officer is not hateful. It is the man himself who is filled with hate. It is the woman herself who is filled with hate. Haven’t we done this long enough? Have we not allowed ourselves to be pastured like helpless animals, moved from this field to that?  Swayed from this tribe to that tribe. Even convinced of what we believe. Convinced into belief, God help us. Enough.  

Love.  Maybe you have it, or maybe you don’t. Your actions are guided by it or they are steered by something else. I refuse, and I shall refrain from believing that what you claim you are is who you are. Because it is what you do, that tells us everything we need to know about who you are. Can’t you see how hard it is becoming to hide in the shadows of your deceitfulness? A light has been cast upon hate, and we see you.

You can no longer hide. Not behind your pseudo authority, not behind your money, and certainly not behind expensive suits and slithering smiles. We must not be mesmerized by the season of competing leagues, for there are only two teams at the battle. A team of love and a team of hate. Either you are with us or you are against us. Get down or lay down. We see you, and we know you are not with us.  There is no working across an isle because it is not an isle it is a divide, a canyon.      

Love is undoubtedly stronger than hate, and love will be victorious. Unfortunately, ignorance, pride, and greed are stronger than many men and many women. Are you with us or against us? True love carries no title, it waves no flag, and it bows to nothing except God. And so I send love to all those who love me. I send love to all those who love, love. And to those who hurl hate, I pray that you are prepared to catch a boomerang. 

Aaron Carroll

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