The ignorance with which we as a civilization operate can be difficult to put into words. Our species is enraptured in wealth, power, illusion, and self-annihilation. These interruptions to our progress are not new, but worse, as old as humankind itself. Lessons that apparently can not or will not be controlled for possibly all of recorded human history. This is a pathetic realization.  

A common sight if you venture away from manicured beaches.

We are of nature, but our behaviors are not. Can we point to a man, or woman, or an institution and say it is perfect? No, we can not. None of these are perfect, nor will they achieve perfection throughout their existence. It is of no matter how long they might persist. If an institution was a thousand years old, it could not be perfect. Similarly, if a man or woman could live in perpetuity, they could never achieve perfection.  

Where might one look to find perfection, if it does exist? If a thousand-year-old institution can not achieve it, and a mortal has never achieved it, where should we look?  

Regrowth after a forest fire.

The answer is in nature. All of the answers are found in nature. If you are a young fool, then you should look for someone who is old and wise. If you are an old fool, then you should look for someone older than you, and hope that they are more knowledgeable.  

Humans are young and foolish, and nature is old and wise. Maybe more than knowledgeable, maybe all-knowing. Nature knows perfection is a silly human concept. There is no such thing as perfection; there is only balance. Meanwhile, humans annihilate themselves and the environment attempting to achieve so-called perfection and are, in turn, completely destroying the balance of all things.  To name a few, our natural environment, human connections, and relationships; even the institutions that seek to mitigate the damage of our stupidity and shortsightedness. We destroy them all the same, more often than not, in the name of profit. (Show me profit, even more so show me accumulated wealth in nature? I’ll wait!)  

Forests don’t grow in rows.

The perception of perfection, or more appropriately called, control, is that it is binary. It can be turned on today, off tomorrow. Balance, on the other hand, is natural and real, and it’s fueled by momentum. In reality, nothing is turned on and off like a switch; it takes time to build momentum. One year, ten years, one hundred years. That depends on what balance we want to achieve. It is most certainly not a switch but a long slow process.    

Nature has the ability and time to find balance, not like our flawed notions of perfection, control, and management. Our civilization can find harmony, incredible efficiency, abundance, and achieve less oppressive hierarchical relationships with each other. All we have to do is pay attention.   

This post began as a rant into the artificiality of predominantly everything, maybe you’ve noticed? Food, entertainment, environment, desires, emotions. Damn, emotions, I know! The thought that even our daily emotions are being tampered with is disturbing. But it is true, from the food we consume to the stuff we view, we are being denaturalized. Anything that is not organic, real, based in nature, represents momentum in the wrong direction. We feel this improperly used energy as an imbalance in our lives, emotions, and, unfortunately, our environment.         

For example, we can make as many artificial plastics as we want today. But tomorrow, we will end up banning plastics because they are so devastating to our environment! Think of all of the momenta that generated in the wrong direction. That same energy could have been used to fuel a sustainable market with a viable product. Instead, we have wasted time, resources, and created an environmental imbalance that will have to right itself, and it will. You and I may not have the privilege of watching nature re-balance, but be assured that it will. 

How can we achieve a more harmonious balance with each other, and with our host, this magnificent planet.  The time we spend here as individuals is short and arguably insignificant. Who or what is wise enough to counsel us, humankind on this journey?  Is there somewhere we can find the answers to this and other like questions? Yes. I believe there is a great teacher with sapient knowledge all around us, and I think we’ve ignored her wisdom for far too long.    

Aaron C. 


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