No one heard it fall. It didn’t make a sound when it hit the ground. There it lies. A seed. A small seed, so tiny that it can hardly be seen. And thankfully, because if it could be seen, then it’d be gobbled up. Maybe a small animal looking for food. Foraging for a morsel. It was not seen however, and because it was left alone, it began to grow. And grow. So much hope, and potential, and vigor contained in such a small shell. And so it grew.

Soon that seed became a tiny little tree. Yet it still did not make a sound. It was overshadowed by the strength, might, height, and longevity of the other trees. It drunk water passed from the other trees. It drank light that passed through their canopies. But it grew. More slowly perhaps, but up it rose none the less.  

Then one day the wind blew. And when it blew, it caught the leaves of that mighty little tree, and it made a sound. A sweet soft rustling chime from the leaves.  A soothing sound. It could only be heard from nearby, but it could be heard. And it sang it’s sweet tune. Now, when the wind blew, it was heard. And it grew, and grew, and grew. Until its leaves and its branches grew so numerous that this mighty young tree could be heard from quite a distance.  And it sang and sang its song. Its trunk grew stronger and taller, and broader; Until it could not only be heard but also seen from a distance. And so it grew.   

Now, when it rained, it fell directly upon the roots of this mighty tree. When the raindrops fell, they fell straight upon the leaves of this mighty tree. And when the sun came out, this mighty tree stretched out its branches and do you know what it did? Do you? This mighty tree pushed the older trees out of its way so that it could have all of the light to itself. That’s what it did, and do you know what? It grew. And it grew, and it grew, and grew, and grew.  

And that mighty tree kept on growing until it was a Great Big Tree! It grew so big that it towered over almost all of the others. All the trees that once grew near it or around it fell over and died. They couldn’t get any water. The great tree drank all of the water with its massive roots. They stretched and stretched, seeking and capturing any moisture nearby that they could find. No one else could even get a sip.  

Its massive branches and leaves reached and reached seeking to capture all of the light from the sun for itself. A great tree needs a vast amount of light to grow, and so it took, and took, all of the light that it could. Until the other trees couldn’t even stay warm, they couldn’t get enough light so that they could grow too. They could hardly catch even a single ray because they were overshadowed, left in the shade, and their life dimmed. Until it ceased, but the great tree grew.  

And the forest bowed to the tree. What a great tree. What a dominate tree. Look at how it stands alone. See how the roots of the other trees hold hands, and together they are stronger. Not this one, this mighty tree, this magnificent tree stands alone. Its roots must run so deep, it virtue so broad and so strong, that it does not need a community. The community only takes away from its growth. Why share light, why share water, or air, when you can have it all to yourself. And so, that tree grew, and it grew, and it grew.  

One afternoon it began to rain. By the next afternoon, it hadn’t stopped. And by the afternoon after that, the trees thought it would never end. It was getting hard for the roots of the trees to hold hands with all of this rain. They always had such a tight grip on each other no matter what, but this rain was making it so much harder.  

Meanwhile, the great tree was not doing well either. That tree had nothing, and no one to hold onto. And that tree began to lean. What a sound it made, a loud cracking sound as it leaned closer to where it’s life began, the forest floor. All of the rain had soaked its leaves and branches, and they were heavy. So heavy. So heavy they were drooping to the ground, dragging the whole thing down with their weight. Until there was a sound………

It was as loud of a sound that ever comes out of the forest. The sound of that mighty tree snapping under the weight of itself. Nothing to bolster it. Nowhere to lean, just straight to the ground without delay. How many far better trees died so that this tree could grow so large? Too many.

And so there it lies. Helpless, useless, condemned to death. That tree rose from the dirt. And in that dirt was the spirit of all that had come before it. That tree nourished itself from the torment and death, and decomposition of all that came before it. And so there it lies, a foolish tree. It thought it could take from all others, take from the past, and give nothing. Yet there it lies preparing to provide all of itself to another. Another tree, another seed, another seedling that will nourish itself from its death. As you fed on death while you were alive, so too shall you sustain another in yours. 

Aaron C.

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  1. Yernasia Quorelios


    ◇ Diamond Hard – Once a Friend ALWAYS!!! a Friend is My View; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that it’s Simply and Complexly a Question of The State of The Friendliness:

    ♧ Dormant Friends
    ♡ Active Friends
    ♤ Dead Friends

    …it’s Our CHOICE!!! – Diamond Hard…



    ♡ 1. Agree 🤔 ?
    ♧ 2. DisAgree 🤔 ?
    ♤ 3. Agree-To-Disagree 🤔 ?

    …CHOOSE!!! – Diamond Hard…



    ◇ Diamond Hard – When Coupled Up I Used to be Hypocritical in These Circumstances by Justifying and Defending MySelf before GOING ON THE ATTACK!!! Now, Being Very Happily Single, I Just put My Hands Up and Say “You Got Me Red Handed; Bang To Rights!!!” Now that’s Good FUCKING FRIENDS!!! – Diamond Hard



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