Pick up your phone and turn it on. Now, open up your call list.  How many recent calls do you have on the list? I had 937, and I have a very pathetic social life. Anyway, delete the record. Now, stop it, I know there is a number in there somewhere that you might need. There is that person that you didn’t call back. That number that you didn’t recognize that you haven’t checked yet. Just hit the delete key already.

Ok, did you pull yourself together and get the strength to do it? How does it feel? Great right, I know. Welcome to minimalism. Ahhh, clean and clear, it is a bit astringent but effective. Now, go to your email. Ok, alright, I won’t push it, but you get the idea.

Delete. Oh, all the things I wish I could simply highlight and delete. Gone, swiped right out of existence with such ease. Though it may not be quite that easy, the effects of “downshifting” are really similar.  

I have been reading, and writing about minimalism for a few years, and it just never gets old. The more I pare back seemingly anything; it just gets better.  What gets better? Everything, my mind, body, and my soul. My enjoyment of the most simple things has blossomed, and my appreciation for all things grown prolifically.   

I used to get these ginger snap cookies from the grocery, and they had maybe fifteen ingredients. Half I could not pronounce, but they were tasty! Recently I moved to Vermont, a minimal sized state, with a minimal amount of people, with some very minimalist tendencies. Luckily, that is precisely why I came here. Now I buy these other cookies that have four ingredients, and guess what? They are stupid delicious, and when I eat the whole bag (biodegradable of course) my mind is strangely at ease, and they are local. I call that SIMPLY winning! That’s a minimalist joke.  

All jokes aside the point I am trying to make, minus the normal drony “I love less” tone, is……………..….dammit. Less is more. There I said it, and I meant it, in all of its cliche glory, less is more. Even when it comes to ambition, too much ambition can get in the way also! I know a whole lot of Type A people who don’t want to hear that nonsense, but it is the truth.  

I got tired of listening to and stressing out about politics, so I deleted it. I don’t watch it. I don’t read it, and I don’t miss it. People say moderation is the key, but I have started to wonder who are the ones saying that, and what are their motives? Reduction, unfortunately, does not work so well for me. I don’t think it works that well for a lot of people. Moderation seems more like a gateway to a lack of restraint. I like to delete.  

These are my truths, and maybe they will be for you too. I encourage anyone reading this to delete something today. It could be a dysfunctional relationship, a habit, and certainly all the unnecessary material stuff all around us. It could be lots of things. Over the past 3-4 years, I have eliminated a whole slew of erroneous things from my life, and I never felt lighter on my feet. I never felt happier, and I’ve never felt like I was living in such abundance. A mindset bent on lack creates plenty. If you can believe you don’t need it, then you won’t. Meanwhile, constantly unmet desires create a walking madness.

The grocery store parking lot never looked so beautiful! Is is just me? I just want some cookies!

If we are searching for spiritual abundance, serenity, and in turn physical and mental abundance then we must delete. Make way for more meaningful, powerful, and significant things to make their way into our lives. Delete something today, and tomorrow, and next week. Most of us can get rid of toxic people in our lives, but what is the toxicity of all the other things around us. Start purging, and I think you might be surprised by what you find.  Delete.         

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