Forged or Forged?

Sometimes I just don’t know about people.  Isn’t it incredible the power that a single soul can have on another?  A lone soul can make one feel so filled up inside! Yet, it can be that same soul that makes you question humanity in its entirety.  When your heart is open, and I often forget to shut the door, a single sweet glance can soothe the pain of a day. But, another can send your consciousness into an angry internal tirade, lasting, too long.  People, they indeed are representative of this world. They embody every drop of what is right, and good, and virtuous, and, all that is not.  

There is no better way to find out what something is made of then to put it in the fire.  A soldier knows this, friendships are forged. What the fire does not strengthen, it consumes.  Place your bond into the flames, and see if it comes back out. Will it be overwhelmed, or will it be increased?  

How many things appear unbreakable, how much we perceive as being able to exist in perpetuity.  But they can not, you can not, we can not. Few things can withstand the heat of the fire, the intense process of forging.  The hard questions, hard times, hard lines, hard decisions. And if they cannot, are they worth keeping anyway? Few people or things in this world are strong enough, resilient enough, with sufficient faith to; instead of being broken, be strengthened, encouraged, empowered, fortified by the heat, and the flames of hardship, disaster, and adversity.  

I surround myself by fire like a moat.  I have little time, use, or tolerance for that which is easily flammable.  I have put many things into the pit. I have placed relationships into the pit.  I have put ideas into the pit. I have put long-held aspirations and dreams into the fire.  I have set cities ablaze. I have set culture ablaze. I have placed, even my own son, my blood, into the fire, and I watched him burn.  

And when I pulled him out, he burned with anger.  He scorched the earth he stood upon but stood taller, and he glowed like an ember.  And when he cooled, he could not be broken. He wiped away the pain and shook off the flames.  Like all other things that stand near me, my son has been forged.

How many things never made it out of that fire?  How many never stood a chance when they went in? Too many things crawled out of the flames and died, there alongside it.  

Only that which is authentic can withstand the flames.  Only desire can withstand the fire. Alone faith can withstand the flames.  Only brotherhood and only sisterhood can withstand the fire. Only perseverance can withstand the flames.  Only equality can withstand the fire. Only truth can withstand the fire.  

May all things in your life be forged, unless they are forged. 


Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash


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