Da Vinci wasn’t great.  Kehinde Wiley isn’t great. Einstein wasn’t imperfect. George Washington Carver wasn’t great.  Mirabai wasn’t great. These people knew how to draw. These individuals, who span great distances of time and space knew how to dig.  

They knew how to mine. Mine their minds for POWER! To drill, low, to subterranean depths for INSPIRATION! These individuals discovered the tools to draw from the galvanic tides that slosh within us like that of a stormy winter sea.  And so we must draw. Draw our power from the turbulent and violently swaying depths of our most inner realm.

One life is not stronger than another life.  It is one woman, one man, that is stronger than another man, or another woman, or another God. That is our inner weakness speaking. Telling us that this celebrity or that magnate’s life is stronger than our experience.

A life is a life is a life. We are granted one.  A single life, a single chance, one unique opportunity to distill the power, the inspiration, the incredible strength of our helping hand.  One. No more, the same that is given to every man and woman on this earth.

If we wish to wield the scepter of power.  If we want to honestly taste the bittersweet distilled nectar of what is our life, our spirit, our experiences, our journey; then we must draw.

We must draw from the well of inspiration that lies inside each and every one of us.  It is not about the power of our life, it is about the power of our perception, and our ability to draw.  It’s not about what field you are in, and it has nothing to do with being an artist.

What it is about, is knowing and seizing, or knowing and relinquishing the immense and earth-shattering power that is waiting for you.  We are waiting for it. But it is waiting for us. Waiting for us to turn our attention inward toward the only place that power really lies. Inside, deep inside of you.

Frack your mind, frack your spirit, frack your life experiences.  Frack the fuck out of it, with a disregard for the surrounding environment.  Just get to the gold. Drill, deeper, deeper, all the way down to the bottom.  Drill into the bedrock of your mind, into the depths of your unadulterated thoughts and emotions.  

Now, draw, draw, draw, mine it until it is dry. But, it will never run dry. It can not run dry. Every day of our lives, every breath, each feeling, each place, and every encounter feed the great lakes of our power and inspiration, from which we will draw.

It is not about power, it is about the source.  Take that man, take that woman, take that idea, take it down from the pedestal on which you have placed it, and see your power. Believe that you can stand on that pedestal. But don’t forget to ask yourself what the hell a pedestal matters.

You have the power to crumble the foundation.  Crumble it into a million pieces. Shatter the idea of what a pedestal is. A pedestal exalts one. Look where the exaltation of one has gotten us. Exalt all. Exalt humanity, starting with yourself.  Fuck a pedestal, with the power that lies inside of you who needs it. Spread your wings and fly right over it. Spread a shadow over it, spread a shadow over the world.

My life, your life, contains as much power as any great person.  My experiences are my own, but they are also yours. They are the same feelings, the same emotions that anyone has felt, at any time, in any place.

Some proud, others not proud.  Some overflowing with pain, and others with great joy. Love, hate, anger, wonder deceit, disappointment, jealousy, rage, astonishment.  You have experienced these just as I or any other, man, or woman, or GOD. So mine. Mine your mind. Discover the power to be powerful.  As powerful as you wish. Enough power to be a danger to yourself. Or sufficient strength, and an inexhaustible supply of said power to brand this world forever.  Draw!

Aaron L. Carroll

Photo by Riccardo Pelati


  1. izzywhitts07

    This is something I’ve never seen on any blogs! Very eye opening and covers a lot of topics the average person wouldn’t think about, very cool post!


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