THANK YOU!  That’s all. I just want to thank you for following and reading and subscribing to my blog.  It can be uncomfortable sharing your thoughts with the world. It may not even be a good idea.  But, we are past that now, right. I have put my self out there, and even if you don’t believe or feel everything that I say, you have received me in some way, and for that, I am so thankful.  

I give you my word that I will support whatever you are working on, and I ask that you be supportive of me in return. We can grow together, and we can agree to never agree on everything, and that is ok.  So thank you for finding something special in my words, even if it is a single sentence that moves you, that drives me. Thank You, please take a moment to comment when something resonates with you or doesn’t.  I have had readers point out significant flaws in some of the things I’ve written, and many times they are right. Those opinions help my ideas to grow. Ideas need diverse discussion, and they need to be challenged. That’s how we grow.  So, please add your two cents or even a dollar, if you can spare it.

Thank you,

Aaron Carroll  

Photo by Lip


  1. Shanae

    Thank you for being someone who has supported me from day one. I’ve only been live a few days and it has been great connecting with you. Anything I can do differently, share. Let’s grow and be great together.


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