Do I even have to talk about this?  Do you understand power at all? What about history?  Name a single point in history when evil white men have not been in charge?  I’ll wait? Anything? Even if you do find some historical example its an anomaly.

Rich white men rule the United States, they always have, and they will for as long as our society balances on its last leg.  Of course, there are Black and Brown people in power all over the world. Are they not at the mercy of their economies, a product of guess who?

White supremacy is not hillbillies and elected officials in hoods. Remove the word white and what is left?  Supremecy. Don’t get caught up on the white part that is not the most relevant part. The power that they wield, however, is relevant.  It is the only thing that matters.

Power in the world we live in today comes with significant barriers to entry. Barriers to entry is a business term used to demonstrate the limitations faced by a new business entering a market.
Let’s say you want to start a cell phone company. This would have extremely high BTE.  Cell phone towers don’t come cheap. FCC regulations, a distribution network, customer service, technicians, it’s a lot.  Long story short, you have a 0% chance of starting a cell phone company. The investment is just too high.  A house cleaning service, or a dog walking service, on the other hand, would have very low barriers to entry

I highlight this point about barriers because of its relation to white power, or just supremacy.  The consolidation of energy that is supremacy exist in almost every single area of our education system, government, armed forces, economy you name it they are there. Due to the pervasive presence of supremacy, the barriers to entry for becoming a competitor are insurmountable.

A treadmill athlete, silly right.  Someone who truly believes they are athletic, but in reality, they perform in such a controlled environment, their progress is a fallacy.  Advancing on the white supremacist movement is no different. It only appears to be advancement, and it’s not. We are running in place.

Black vitriol against whites only strengthens their movement, not ours. Black Lives Matters only strengthens their supremacy.  I am in no way suggesting that the opposition give up, or that injustices don’t occur, probably right now as I write this.  Only that if one is going to fight hate with hate, they should at least be evenly matched. They are not matched evenly, however.  Therefore vocal hostility towards whites, and or talk of black supremacy weakens those movements. Until there is adequate evil to fight evil, maybe another strategy would be more productive.

I know I am going to catch hella shit for writing this, but that’s how it is. A bunch of rich white men wrote the constitution.  Their actions were treasonous, and they were felons according to their government. Oh, and they were also racist slave owners. Nonetheless, between the lines of our constitution, lied, lied not lies, an opportunity or escape from tyranny.  Something with which Black people are all too familiar. Sorry poor white people, you thought because you were white tyranny would pass over you, but it did not.  We all live under its foot now.

But Tyranny is not Totalitarianism.  I guess just because one is racist does not mean they are not intelligent.  We love to put the two together, racist and stupid, but unfortunately, that is not true.  The founding fathers knew about tyranny. They revolted and built our government because of what. Tyranny.

They did not, however, know of the term “Inverted Totalitarianism,” or they didn’t call it that.  The founding fathers did have a pretty good idea this was the natural progression of the marriage of wealth and politics. How could they have known? It could be because they were stupid wealthy, and politicians, Hmmmm. Anyhow, they warned us. Hey, watch out because this whole money mixed with this politics thing can be dangerous, just make sure you leave yourself and out.  That’s what they said. We didn’t listen.

Fast forward to modern day, when your refrigerator can monitor you and report you to your Personal Trainer.  Your online habits create a snapshot of you so detailed, that we’ve fired criminal profilers. The connection between our economy, politics, and the power players has become so interconnected that we have almost entirely eradicated unions.  Unions are nearly extinct. Do you have any idea of what that means? Do you know how many people died or were maimed to establish unions? Shit. If you can’t get enough traction to start a union, you have not a chance in hell of starting a revolution.  Forget it.

With that said, it’s irrelevant what you are fighting for, supremacy has become so entrenched, if a power player didn’t escort you through the door, your issue dies in the lobby.  It will never make it to the receptionist, definitely not the elevator. And its a long ride to the top floor where the decisions are made, by some in the closet white supremacists.

Policy prescriptions.  I love that word combo, but I ain’t no politician, and I ain’t no pharmacist, I write.  I write to inform you, you’re looking in the wrong direction. The issues are not even over there, why are you looking over there?  Look over here? Race, fuck, that’s a distraction.

Yes, I’m black.  I have been persecuted in the past, and often currently.

Ok, you don’t believe me, ok, your a white supremacist, or a sympathizer.

Let try that again.  

Hi, I’m Black. I have been persecuted in the past, and often currently.  

Ok, that’s established, now lets work together to eradicate this so-called enlightened ignorance they call white supremacy. Also, there are a plethora of other issues with no relation to race that are life-threatening. Oh, not to mention the economic supremacy which is funding the continued onslaught by white supremacists.

Come to think of it; we don’t like supremacy at all.

Democracy is kind of like being ruled right?  




  1. The Ghetto Activist

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Not to sure if I agree with your opening opinion about evil white men always being in charge. I’m currently working on a true black history piece that focuses on our REAL history and not the history the white man has “given” us. The history they tried to erase.

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    1. The Ghetto Activist

      That history had lead me to Africa. If you haven’t, You should study the ancient history of Ethiopia, Sudan, Kush, and Nubia. We ruled this planet for thousands of years

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      1. A.C.

        I always welcome disagreement, and new information, all day. Your pieces are dope, in depth, and well researched. I look forward to reading it soon. I will definatley brush up on my “real” black history. Thanks for the leads, and your comments.

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  2. W.D. Herstun

    I appreciate you thinking for yourself and developing your own opinions. Evil white men have ruled in this country since the 15th century, but not forever, not by a long shot. And while they rule supreme any many places globally thanks to imperialism, capitalism and now technology, there are pockets that have developed their cultures in isolation. Japan is a really good example. They heard about the Americas and closed their doors to whites except for the Dutch on an exceptional island. They preferred to keep their class abuse and neglect in the house ethnically speaking. Bhutan is another great example. They have chosen seclusion and traditonal practices just about every time. They operate the country off of a happiness index just as a contrast to America’s Consumer Index.
    I also think Black Lives Matter was formed, not just in option to white supremacy, but also as a form as self-affirmation. Its so easy to forget your life matters in some of these situations so it was a call for all of us to remember as well as the world. I’m not sure it went over the way it was planned. Lol. I definitely don’t know about more agressive tactics. They killed the last generation of black leaders in cold blood. One at a time. In groups. In prisons. I’m not sure our collective conscious has completely forgotten that.
    I definetly see the value in your perspective and I will keep following, commenting, and conversing with you. I love a good intellectual.
    Study on, think on, and write on, my brother. I sincerely enjoyed this read.
    Let’s grow together! 🖤

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    1. A.C.

      WOw!!! What a response! I am so glad to have an intellectual response to my piece. Each day I wait for some substantive response. Finally!! I tend to use some broad generalizations because it just make it easier for people to understand, like stereotypes. Ha! I agree there are some arguably wiser cultures, or at least periods in history that we should all be studying. With social media even the best movements can be drowned out or hijacked, BLM as well. Panthers, we are not ready for “that type” of revolution, you ain’t lying. It’s less likely to work now, then it was then. Someone said revolutions are not fought because we win, lMAO, can’t remember the rest. The point is, send a message on your way out. Isn’t that what we are all trying to do?

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