A Political Hijacking

Put your hands up!  This is a stick-up! Please remain calm, and almost no one will be physically harmed.  We will be taking control of your political party as you once knew it.  You can still call us by the same name, but everything you remember us standing for has changed.  But that’s ok because we know that you are going to stick with us through thick and thin. Through all of the bigotry, bribery, and theft.  Through the spinelessness, enabling, and misrepresentation. All it takes is a few more donations, and I know we will find our way back to the party you once remembered.  So please, have your checkbooks ready! Help us help you!

Is it even relevant what your political affiliation is?  Don’t you feel robbed? The Republican Party has transformed into something vile.  I find it unbelievable that anyone would allow their political affiliation to act as a pass to merely stand witness to the destruction of our modern political system.  A system that was far from perfect before ignorance took charge. The Democratic Party, on the other hand, has become a weak, groveling, submissive party. A party that seems unable to call up sufficient “light” to combat the overwhelming “darkness” created by the opulence fueled political machine that has become the Republican Party.

2020 might as well be the end of the world.  Will our environment endure until 2020 with some of the most reckless financial and environmental policies ever seen?  We’ve seen what Republicans are capable of in just two years, whether by design or by denial. It is unimaginable what could occur within six long waring years.  We know that there are Republicans who are uncomfortable with some of the changes that the current administration is making. Certainly, Democrats are reeling. There are many who are and will always be loyal to the party.  Maybe even if that means leading us into a new civil war or worse. Others such as myself are more concerned with actual policy decisions, and not simply blind affiliation. I would gladly vote Republican if that’s who was making sense, it’s not.  

So if you are like me, you are desperate for change.  A change that signals the future is heading north again.  Which brings us to a pressing concern. If you are a Democrat or you are leaning that direction,  you have certainly heard some of the possible presidential candidates. So you should know that currently we are completely screwed, and the end is quickly approaching.  

Elizabeth Warren is not going to win the White House.  Stop. I like her, I really do. There is just no way that she is able to withstand all the dirty tricks that are going to be thrown at her.  Sure, it would be easy to defend blatant character attacks, she has shown her ability to do just this. If she had not she wouldn’t even be considered as a candidate. Her widely publicized scuffle with Trump and her firm rebuttals are no question fueling her popularity. But this is 2019, and like it or not the republican party has become disturbingly effective at the ole head to head political death match.  

I wrote a post entitled “Fear,” in it I discuss how the worst fears are those that are unknown.  How do you prove the unknown? The Republican party has mastered the use of unknowns.  Remember the Brett Kavanaugh trial? Oh, wait, that was a confirmation hearing. Oops! It was the unknowns that won the day.  For the rest of us commoners that verdict set a precedence. You cannot punish someone, well mainly wealthy, and elites by the law for something you can’t prove unequivocally.  Which in many cases requires only a lawyer, and maybe some minor obstruction. Anybody who has ever been around the privileged “Kavanaugh” type knew precisely what was going on. Strange because the people I’ve known like that also had a strong affinity for the law.  Maybe its because they knew how much it had protected their lying asses!

This coming presidential election cycle is going to be about belief over the unknown.  Republicans are going to throw out all the unknowns that they can. Inexperience, inability, emotions(wink, meaning you’re a woman), sex scandals, basically their entire evil little playbook. Democrats must put up a candidate that exudes belief. A candidate whose persona is believable, approachable, yet powerful. This candidate must be so compelling on a visual and communication level that their message becomes the second thing that people talk about. The first being their magnetism. Democrats it is time to pull the Kennedy card. I am not saying that it must be a man either. John or Jackie will do, but that’s another post entirely.

In religion, it is the belief that supersedes the unknown.  One must believe there is a force, a power that will triumph over obstacles, even those that have not been perceived.  Now, don’t think I’m naive, people are not going to give this type of unwavering belief to a person, I understand. But, there have been personas so strong that they have had a similar effect.  I truly believe that Obama was one of those people. He gave many people hope that truthfully, outstripped reality. Regardless of what one believes he did or didn’t accomplish he succeded in giving a huge number of people hope.  Enough hope to win the vote. Hope that change was coming. It could be why many of us fell so flat on our face when the fairytale came to an end. What a shitty political Cinderella story.

The unknowns will still exist, and many of the questions asked throughout the campaign will be completely rhetorical in nature. Questions that are raised only to create uncertainty. A winning candidate must exude so much positive energy, so much hope, and belief in people and in self, that the public becomes intoxicated with belief.  Sounds kind of ridiculous but there is no way to talk down doubt. Doubt can either be overpowered with belief, or it will create the type of uncertainty that has campaign workers scratching their heads on election night saying, “what happened”?  

Democrats, you may not like it, but the next presidential candidate must have some very real republican features.  I personally don’t want to compromise turning our southern border into an immigrant prison work camp. Not ok with this.  Don’t take my word for it check out this story about GEO Group featured on NPR.  In order to win the vote, Dems must find common ground with a large number of Republicans.  I believe this can be accomplished. Besides the nationalist and the racists, maybe someone should just ask the questioin.  What would it take to bring you over?

We are living in a time of great uncertainty.  The polarization in our county has reached a boil.  People who stand only for their party I believe stand for nothing.  Those who are able to see the political landscape changing, and are willing to change themselves represent our army of hope.  The Democratic Party is still alive, but it is weak and wounded. The Republican party is dead. Why? Because they have left morals behind entirely.  Successful businessmen and evangelicals once represented, at least in their eyes, the moral backbone of America. No more. Much of their deflecting personas has been exposed by opportunity.  Republicans were given an opportunity to ‘rule”, and they did. But they acted like what else, greedy rulers. Democrats, on the other hand, have lost their backbone, but they have not exposed themselves morally, at least not entirely.  Sure Democrats have enabled much of the current harmful Republican agenda, but at least they spoke up softly. Did they do enough? Look where we are, obviously not.

The Republican party is dead.  Let it populate itself with racists, bigots, fake evangelicals, greedy business interests, pornstars, and their lawyers. Avenatti 2020, please c’mon. Meanwhile, the democratic party should be transformed in the “real peoples party.” The party for people who actually want a government that functions for the people.  Not just one that is there to cater to the desires of special interest, and the whims and aspirations of the elite and politically powerful.

Democratic hopes for 2020 lie in the choice of candidate.  Play it safe, and assure yourselves defeat. Everything else is less relevant. Politicians never do what they say anyway, doubtful that is going to change this election cycle.  Democrats need a star and not one who only shines for Democrats, but for leaning Republicans too. All you have to do is sell the people (again) that hope lies just over the horizon.  How hard could it be? Because the only thing people currently see on the horizon is new drilling projects.

A. Carroll

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