Citizens Divided

More than ever we are a country of citizens divided. Let us not forget that it was our common thread that wove the fabric of our American History. Commonality breeds consensus, consensus leads to objectives, having objectives leads us to action. We are a country without action because we lack cohesion. It requires no effort to list the things that divide us. No great strength or wisdom can be found in perpetual conflict, or commentary for that matter.  Progress will be forever fleeting until we are able to find a single string of commonality. Stand for something or fall for everything, maybe. Stand together, or fall apart seems a more likely narrative. Moral imperatives, laws, education, politics, economics. For better or for worse these are the things that govern our societal direction, and prosperity or lack thereof. Without confidence in these institutions, we can have no cohesive society. For it is only through these instruments that we are able to take our common objectives as a community, as a culture, and as a country to transform them into productive action.  A territory shares nothing but land. A country is a land that is alive with culture and belief. But a country that does not operate as a team will soon be nothing more than a conquered territory. Physically, mentally, philosophically and or idealistically conquered, all the same. No one person on a team ever wins. Either the team wins, or the team fails. When we send our soldiers into battle, and they miss their objective, then the entire Armed Services misses their objective. There is no compartmentalization in that force. America has to be a country void of compartmentalization of victory. Only those forces that aim to control us or destroy us seek to route us away from one another.  Citizens that are united cannot and will not be siloed so easily. Citizens when divided, can be pushed and coerced to an ever greater distance from one another with minimal effort by our oppressors. The Union Army was stronger because slaves set aside their beliefs, their lack of voice, their oppression, and instead became citizens united. Citizens who were united for one goal, regardless of their painful realities. That battle was won because we were united. One force, for one goal. Everything else is of insignificance, for the moment.

We do not live beneath these government institutions. These institutions were created for and by us. Politics was created for and by us to manage those said institutions.  We the citizens, who are anything but united have lost total control of a system that should exist for our own benefit. Again, a system that should exist for our benefit. Not for the enrichment and pleasure of an aspiring aristocracy. No one likes aristocracy. Can we at least be united on that? They are fearful of the “commoner” because they know how reviled they are. To the extent that we have a popular culture that teases wealth and luxury, and it’s obtainability.  A flawed framework that lives are built upon. Some ending in success, others in corruption or incarceration, all in the pursuit of a fairytale. Clearly, there is a disconnect. If people want decent jobs, education for their kids, and being paid what they earn, and not just what they get paid.  There is only one way to get it, and that is to stand together in a coordinated effort. With that said, if slaves, a people so oppressed, so brutalized, so mistreated, were able to put aside their differences to become united with the Union Army and fight to help build this country, then what stands between us?  Over 100,000 slaves most of whom were illiterate were able to see this for themselves. What beliefs do we hold that is stronger than a slave fighting in alignment with their master. We stole this land, we built this country, but we’ve got no team. This is not a matter of philosophy this is a matter of an approaching reality.  Drop your disqualifying preconceived notions of your fellow citizens here. Our country is being taken from us. I don’t care who you are. I don’t care what group you belong to. I don’t care who you hate. All I know is that there is a coordinated team with a sophisticated effort to take our power away from us. And the only way we can stop them is with a cohesive united team.  A team with a single goal, setting aside all other politics in the name of survival and self-preservation.


We are at war, and the weapon is currency. These forces care not about our beliefs.  It is irrelevant to them what your personal aspirations are. Their single goal is power and control.  A loss of power would jeopardize their most precious tool, asset, friend, and lover. Their money. Without it they are powerless.  Their confidence, power and assuredness wilts and dies. There was a time when power and control were earned. Through achievement, through diplomacy, through character, Jesus.  All of these now purchased or manufactured. Knock-offs, amazingly crafted knockoffs. Manufactured authenticity, images of wholesomeness, and truthiness. But, their power is the center of their weakness.  They have become accustomed to purchasing versus earning what they obtain. They prefer coercion over evidence-based arguments. Their currency is their lifeblood, and bloodletting is the only cure.

So how do we start the bleeding?  Some things are not to be purchased.  Currently, anything is for sale. Too few of us have no price.  Too few of us cannot be bought. We, as citizens united, as a team, must determine what can and cannot be purchased. We must reconcile the fact we have made a mockery of defending our rights, and our institutions against the slow arrival of plutocracy.  Money is the root of all evil. This may well be true, but money is not evil. The way we currently use, distribute, and weaponize money however is. I am no anarchist, order is important. But order should not be associated with obedience. In our modern society these two terms seem to be used interchangeably.  Let us not vilify order, something that facilitates growth, and cohesion, with obedience. A word plucked directly from the vocabulary of the oppressor. We need laws, courts, and protectors, not policed. Though it pains me to say it we even need Politicians. A people who are united need someone they can believe in to represent them.  They should know whoever represents them is representing themselves. When you have a class of people who are not anything like the people they represent, how can they truly be our representatives? Those needing representation are concerned with a paycheck.  While the representatives are concerned with capital gains and investing their paychecks.  How I ask can one represent the other? Those governing, and those being governed have separate agendas. The governing agenda is harmful and oppressive, and exclusionary. Enough commentary. Enough dire projections for the future. Where do we begin to build an environment that works for the majority? Where do we begin to destroy, so that we may rebuild?  03

Citizens United V. Federal Election Commission a case heard by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2010 seems a logical place to start.  All citizen effort and dollars should be spent on overturning this law. In summary what this law says is that political spending is a form of free speech.  Translation, companies and wealthy donors can buy the entire political system. Thus gaining control over all. Control over a system that determines the direction of our economy, court system, education system, public infrastructure, foreign policy, and our fragile environment.

Frustrated and disengaged from the political system and government as some might be, these systems are our only road to a harmonious or moderately functional society.

-A. Carroll






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