I Wish You Never Existed

Darrell Winfield (pictured) became the sixth Marlboro man to pass away from an unspecified ‘lengthy illness’

Everything is good, until it’s not. Have you ever heard that all the water that’s on Earth is the same water that’s ever been on Earth? It’s a weird concept, but there’s no new water. Water is dirtied, cleaned, and cycled back through our perfect Water Cycle. To take it a step further all the matter that has ever been on Earth, is the same matter that we use to build and operate everything in our world. There is no new matter.  Maybe this is a a stretch, but it seems that most things in their natural form are good. Most everything on Earth is inherently good……….. until it’s not.  So if everything is good, how do things become so bad? Here are five things I believe never should have existed.

1. Cigarettes
Tobacco has been around for thousands of years. This country was initially built on tobacco. It was an illegal crop at the time by the way. People used tobacco regularly, and I’m sure some people died from using too much tobacco. Yet for much of its history tobacco had not been laced by the evil hand of man. Tobacco didn’t become an epidemic until it was used as a weapon against the people. For centuries weapons have been used to extract wealth out of those that are weak.  Nearly 500,000 people die each year from Cigarettes.  That’s per year people that is staggering.  I have lost three of the people closest to me in my life almost certainly because of cigarettes, and I still smoke?  That is terrifying!  Can you think of substance that isn’t “concocted” that would make a person stare death in the face with such disregard.  These cancer sticks were engineered for a specific purpose, and they were successful beyond their wildest dreams. Cigarettes were and are used as a weapon buy tobacco companies to extract wealth from the people. Though they might call it collateral damage, we see it for what it is, a socioeconomic genocide of vulnerable people for a profit. Cigarettes never should have existed.

2. Crack Cocaine
Coca leaves have been used by indigenous people for thousands of years as well.  Until in the earlier 20th century this naturally useful, and good thing (at least in the eyes of the indigenous) became bad. This is when Coca began being refined into cocaine. Even after its transformation into cocaine it took over 60 years before “someone” transformed it again into crack cocaine. A drug that would disproportionately ravage certain neighborhoods, and specific demographics. This drug is arguably responsible for the disruption of an entire generation. From addiction, to incarceration, to death.  Crack cocaine has contributed nothing but horror to our society.  I am not even going to touch on any statistics for this one.  Let’s just be clear, the African American community is still feeling the effects, and will for another generation feel the effects of what Crack Cocaine and its anonymously fueled proliferation did to our neighborhoods.  Crack cocaine never should have existed.

3. Nuclear weapons
We all love and respect the power of the Sun.  We long for it, bask in it, and for a time were guided by it. We can all agree the Sun is good. Until, two scientists discovered they could harness the power of the Sun as a weapon. Not so long after this discovery, over 200,000 people lay dead in Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Hundreds of thousands would be faced with horrendous health complications, including but not limited to all types of cancers, and we still live under constant nuclear threat today. Nuclear weapons never should have existed.

4. Refined sugars
Sugar is good. I mean seriously, I like sugar, I like sugar a lot. I like fruit, I like juice, but most of all I like Reese’s cups. Just like most of the things on the list sugar is not new. People have been eating sugar for thousands of years. People have been eating cookies, cakes, candies for hundreds of years.  It’s our modern techniques of refining sugar, mixed with the reduction of cost for sugar that created the current sugar fueled epidemic. For much of its history sugar was considered a luxury, or even a currency.  Sadly, it was slavery that reduced the cost of sugar to such a point that it could be consumed by the masses.  The average person consumes over 50 lbs. of sugar every year, which is a generously low estimate. Without eating things containing refined sugars you would have little to no chance of being able to eat that amount sugar.  Additionally an overindulgence in sugar has been linked to obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, dementia, and tooth decay. No, sugar has not had nearly the impact of Nuclear weapons, or Crack Cocaine. None the less refined sugar continues to have a lasting and devastating effect on our society.  It pains me to say this because I love sugar, but, refined sugar never should have existed.

5. Donald Trump
This one is pretty self-explanatory. I don’t want to elaborate too much on this one for fear of Twitter retribution. Let’s just say none of the items on this list contributed positively to our society.  We could go a step further and say that not only were they not positive for our society, but they were incredibly damaging. All of the things on the list are responsible for a great deal of suffering. Some might even say, the things on this list are evil. I will let you have your own opinion on this one. But in my opinion the world would be a much better place if none of the things on this list ever existed.

-A. Carroll

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